Knowing that he wouldn’t be there for her wedding, a terminally ill father walked his 11-year-old down the ‘aisle’ years early with the pastor sweetly pronouncing them ‘daddy and daughter’.

Jim Zetz, 62, from Murrieta, California, who has stage 4 pancreatic cancer, proudly held his daughter, Josie’s hand during their backyard ceremony on March 14 and placed a sparkling ring on her index finger.” 

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Reblog: “Out of these 10 guys, which one bothers you the most?”

So I was hanging out with some christian guys in Davis, CA and I thought I would never want my daughters to date these guys. hahahahah. So I thought, if I could tell my daughters the 10 guys I want her never to date, here’s what it would be. I’ll probably lose guy points for this but please share on facebook and twitter asking and answering the question, “Out of these 10 guys, which one bothers you the most?”

1. THE HEATHEN - This is the guy you keep thinking will change from his sinful ways. Girlfriend, you ain’t Jesus. And if Jesus ain’t changing him, what makes you think that you have the power to do so. The heathen is always the guy who is super awesome. He’s got a job. He doesn’t live with his mom. He’s loving and caring. The only problem, HE AIN’T SAVED. So many things wrong this picture. But I’ll say the main thing that’s wrong with the heathen is YOU. Why do you desire a guy who doesn’t know Jesus? What in you is attracted to a man who doesn’t want to serve God? That’s the real root of this. You gotta be careful of the heathen cuz he’s so awesome that he’ll slowly bring you into his web of sin. I’ve watched Holy women fall trap to the smooth, sexy devices of the worldly man. Compromising little by little, until you have no standards of holiness. Ladies, tell the heathen that you’ll be waiting in the center of God’s heart and if he wants to get with you, he has to get with God first. ‘nuff said…

2. THE FLAKER - This is the guy who never keeps his word.
See, it always start as not being able to commit because of some seemingly valid excuse. He’ll say something like, “I have a test, so I have to study extra hard.” or “Something came up at church and they need me.” These are all things that should be red flags. They don’t seem like bad excuses, but they are. If a man has a hard time keeping to his word on a consistent basis, it’s a sure sign of character and integrity flaws. A real man should be willing to keep his word at all costs. Obviously, there are situations where he might have to flake for a legitimate reason, but that seriously should be a once-in-a-lifetime kind of deal. Even if the small areas ladies. If he can’t keep his word with little things, it’ll be harder for him to keep his word the bigger things.

3. THE CHAMELEON - This is the guy who allows his social environment to change him. Ladies, this is a tricky one, because you want a guy who can hang and be comfortable in every circle no matter the class, race, or gender of the crowd. A healthy guy can be around anyone and be comfortable being himself without feeling like he needs to pretend to be a “doctor” when he’s with doctors, or a “lawyer” when he’s with the lawyers. What you don’t want, is the guy who always has to be just like everyone around him to fit in to feel comfortable. This guy usually suffers from strong insecurity and is still too underdeveloped is his manhood to know who he really is. A real man is a thermostat, not a thermometer. Meaning, he takes control of his atmosphere, he doesn’t let the atmosphere take control of him.

4. THE HULK - Obviously the guy who can’t control his temper. Now I’ve never understood why a lady would stay with a guy who has extreme fits of rage. STAY AWAY. Ladies, he’s got deeper issues than being angry. “The hulk” is the guy that gets angry over stupid stuff. The only time a man should get incredibly angry is at issues of injustice. Other than that, a mature man can keep his cool and control his anger. Now there are times where we get upset, but I’m talking about guys who are fine one minute and then get to a point where they almost want to get violent the next minute. This is the future wife beater, and if you want to stay bruise-free, you better leave him alone. “How do I know when it’s really rage?” Here’s the answer: DOES HE SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF YOU? The man’s job is to make the woman feel safe. If you and/or others feel unsafe around him because of his anger, it’s probably a good sign that you’re dating The Hulk. Go find yourself a superman or a spiderman, and let the Hulk stick to fighting his inner bad guys. hahahah

5. THE PUNK aka Loser - This is the guy who’s afraid of everything and has no courage. This is my least favorite guy. Now I’m not talking about being afraid of bugs and rats, cuz those are definitely gross and scary (don’t judge me haha). I’m talking about THE PUNK. This guy is afraid of taking risk. He wants to stay safe. He never steps out in faith. He’s always afraid to try something new. A real man lives for a challenge. He loves the adventure of doing crazy stuff. Watch out for the punk ladies, because he’ll keep your life boring and safe, and he’ll raise your kids to be boring little safe punks too. You want a man who’s not afraid to fail. Someone who’s not afraid to get beat up a little by life because he took a risk. If you want to know if you’re man is a punk, ask him, “When’s the last time you did something challenging and you failed?” If he can’t tell you the last time he failed at something, it’s probably because he’s playing it super safe in life, and HE’S A PUNK. (this one is going to make a lot of guys mad)

6. THE LIAR - This includes not just liars, but also the exaggerators. Now here’s the deal ladies. You gotta ask yourself this question, “Why does this ninja always lie or exaggerate about a situation?” You always want to look at the root. Typically a guy lies for one of three reasons. He lies because

1. …he’s afraid of the consequences of telling the truth. Any man who’s afraid to embrace the consequences of a particular action is not man enough to date you. A real man fully embraces every situation in front of him and tackles the consequences appropriately.

2. …he’s trying to impress people. Now this is all bad, because a man needs to impress no one through lying. A real man knows that the truth about himself speaks more worth about him, than any lie he could ever create about himself. truth about me > lies about me

3. …he believes the lie is the truth. Now this is the scariest reason of them all. This means that your man is cray cray. He’s living in a dream state, and is afraid of reality. If you find that your man starts believing his lies, then ruuuuuuuuun. Run fast.

7. THE MAMA’S BOY - This is the guy who still lives at home with mom for no reason or all he does is talk about mama. The mama’s boy has a decent job, He’s graduated from school but he just can’t seem to leave the comfort of mama’s bosom to start his own nest. You’ve gotta watch out for this guy, because he’ll make you think that he just loooooves his mom and that’s why he’s still where he is. But, I’ve found that the mama’s boy has a problem because he doesn’t just “love” his mom. The problem is that he is DEPENDENT on his mom. That’s a problem. You need a man who loves and respects his mother dearly, but doesn’t want to live with her or spend the rest of his days with her. If your boyfriend is 28 and still living at home even though he has a decent job and isn’t in school, you need to check things out. Because as dependent as he is on mom, will show what you’ll have to be for him in the future. If you date the mama’s boy, you better be ready to be his crutch.

8. THE PLAYER - The Player is the guy who’s dating you because your just another level in his game. Ladies, you should always know the dating history of the guy you’re with. You gotta ask questions like, “What’s the longest you’ve ever been single? What’s the longest you’ve ever been in a relationship? How many girlfriends have you had?” Now of course don’t ask these questions all at once, cuz you’ll scare any legit man away. But you need to know if this guy is the one who just leaves girls hanging or is he really committed. Also be careful of the emotional player and his emotional games. Sometimes the player dates several women at a time just with his emotions. He’ll take you out on dates cuz you’re his girlfriend, but he’ll ride on the emotions of several other women, finding himself caught in their emotional roller coasters and he won’t find that anything is wrong with that. This is the guys who’s up late hours texting and chatting with girls about their problems. He always going into intimate emotional areas with females, and masks by saying, “we’re just friends.” Does he chat with guys the same way he chats with the ladies? Of course not, cuz he’s an emotional player. His emotions, heart, and devotion need to be towards God and YOU.

9. THE SAVIOR - This is the guy who feels that the world can not go on unless he helps it. This is a warning especially to the lady who’s dating a preacher, pastor, and ministry man. As a minister, I know that we suffer from Savior’s complex. We feel it’s our job to save everyone and everything. This man will hurt you in the future, because typically the Savior complex is rooted in a need to find one’s value in helping others. Now helping others is not a bad thing, but when it becomes to balm to heal inner-deficiency, then it becomes a deeper issue. This is scary because he’ll jump to meet everyone’s need and your relationship will suffer. You need a man who loves to help people, but he doesn’t define his self-worth.

10. THE GRINCH - The Grinch is the opposite of the savior. The Grinch is the guy who is stingy, greedy, and a moocher. He doesn’t tithe, donate, or even think to help others. He’s just worried about him and his own. Beware of this guy because believe it or not, you’re gonna need something from him in the relationship, and there’s going to come a time where he doesn’t want to make the sacrifice to give towards you because he’s the grinch. Don’t date the grinch unless you want to be rich, successful, lonely, bitter, and angry with no friends. You want a generous man who gives because he’s a giver. The only time the grinch gives is because he feels obligated. He’s cheap, and so is his love.

About The Author:

Pastor Del Augusta is the founder of Collide. He is also the founder of Mahal Foundation, which is a non-profit organization with the mission of ending systemic poverty in the Philippines.

Born and raised in San Francisco, Del lost his mother at the age of four to death and was raised by his grandmother in a Pentecostal church in San Francisco. He accepted Christ as his savior at the age of 12 and began his ministry at 14.

For the past 11 years of ministry Del’s message has been marked with a humorous yet prophetic edge. Having travelled to over 10 countries preaching the gospel, Del’s desire is to see this generation come alive to Jesus in a sustainable way. Known for abruptness, Del believes that this generation is not waiting for more Sunday morning church services where we babysit the youth while the adults do their things. Del’s dream is to see churches awaken to the call to take over the world for Jesus without apology.

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My dad gives me this cake EVERY year on my birthday.

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Mhmmmm best feeling ever :)

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More Facts on Psychofacts :)

*points to myself and nods”

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Do you really want to be used by God? Be honest with God. If you really want to be used by God, what are you doing displeasing God today? I mean, if you really want to be used by God, you would be trying to do what is right before God and humbling yourself repenting and say, 

“God, here I am as a living sacrifice. Lord, use my life.”

And you know what? He would. He would use your life.
But I have found out people that are not willing to submit, to surrender, and they don’t want to obey. Guess where they end up? On the shelf. Like a book that is never read again. On the shelf. Surely you don’t want to be on the shelf. You want to make sure that you’re a use of a book. That God will use your life until the day that you die or the day that He comes for the church and take us home to be with Him.

 -Calvary Chapel Golden Springs; Pastor Raul

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