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"Hey do you have time tomorrow?"
“Do you have time NOW?”

Childhood friend brings back so much feels and one of them that I love is: comfort.

Love that wherever I am in my life, I have you to share it with. Thank you for being my homie.

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Something rare

Someone with genuine interest

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좋은 친구는 곧 좋은 에너지다. —이소라
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“I love all of you, but BOY, did your mom and dad mess things up. Adam and Eve they blew it and now you guys are all S-I-N positive. It’s in your blood. And I’m just gonna let you die out and I’ll start over.”

He could’ve and been God. Isn’t it wild?? Why didn’t He do that? Think of it. HE COULD’VE! But He said,

“Man, I love you so much you drive me crazy. I love you so much. And so I am holy and so that which must be taken care of has to keep intact my very nature. I cannot cut my arm off. I am God. And part of my nature is just. I have to have justice. I can’t fudge it. You can, but I cant. so I’m just and I’m also holy and I also love you. So for you to be with me, my holiness has got to be intact because I can’t sin against myself.”

God’s redemptive plan wasn’t an after-thought. So you sit here tonight and think, “Well I’m not worth much.” You know what? Don’t even say that again. You are so priceless to God, it’s ridiculous that we even have to talk about it. You need to meditate on that. He doesn’t celebrate your sin. Don’t get me wrong. He loves YOOOU. And listen, for Him to be who He is, justice must be served. So how does that happen? His Son who is holy and pure, it had to be God’s Son —holy and pure— to pay a price that kept the justice of God. The atonement was complete because God died on the cross, God the Son and God’s holiness was preserved and salvation was brought to us because God loves us.

-Calvary Chapel Chino Hills

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No Other Name Indeed.

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T^T eesh stupid waves…
Thank you for the calming(?) finish to my day. I shall visit you more often.

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Yes, on the way your feet may get dirty. You may even fall and hurt yourself. But you just gotta get up and look forward and keep walking.

I realized today I like taking pictures. This one was taken unintentionally but it’s one of my favorites!

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