So us hahhah

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news flash: bbc finally does something right

Listen up college kiddies that think your drunken escapades don’t matter!

Ooh, and bonus Colin Salmon.

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[mikiko ponczeck]

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Those who are most ready for marriage (intimate relationship) are those who need it the least. —Francis Chan
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Time for tea!

Great places for afternoon tea

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It’s so weird how that one person you spent so many moments together before you can now only wish them their happiness. You knew that person best at that time. But you don’t even know them anymore. It almost feels like I was never there. And it never happened.
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Random: Not So Homies After All

Hi. I’ve been having a lot of ant battles this summer and I’ve been suffering from this hallucination that all these ants are on me twenty-four-seven (save meT T). Other than that, I have found something quite fascinating in my enemy’s actions.

Have you ever come across an ant carrying a dead ant? I have! I thought they knew that their homies were dead and was taking them for burial or something. So, just out of curiosity, I looked it up! I shall share with you the knowledge :) 

"Ants are really fascinating with elaborate behaviors and what you are observing is hygienic behavior. The ants want to carry away the dead nestmates and dump them somewhere far away from the colony. The reason is simple: If the ant had died from an infection, the risk is reduced that more nestmates will get that infection when the body is removed." 

So interesting!


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3 Dating Non-Negotiables

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How To Kiss A Grizzly Bear »

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